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Lower Merion School spy cameras

If you haven’t heard about this, it should send some shivers down the old spine. What happened was that the Lower Merion School district purchased laptops for students. They also purchased software that was supposedly to be used to retrieve lost or stolen laptops by turning the computer’s camera on.

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Target loses disability lawsuit

First of all, let me say I can sympathize with persons with disabilities. I’ve had firsthand experience. HOWEVER, the lawsuit against Target Online and the settlement defies any logic or reason. To sum it up, some guy who was visually impaired could not easily purchase things online from Target. Sooooo. rather than try to get a friend or social worker to help, he hires Dewey Cheetum and Howe, ambulance ch… er I mean trial lawyers to file a multi million dollar lawsuit against Target.

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Patrick Murphy D-PA votes for forfieture of your home if your kids download music

Patrick Murphy, Democrat of Pennsylvania has voted AYE on a House bill that would essentially allow the government to confiscate your home if your kids download a couple of songs.

Yep, you got that right. If your 12 year old downloads a couple of songs, you can lose everything. If one of your kid’s friends comes over regularly and uses your wifi, some bloated pig like Michael Moore can start procceedings that will throw you out on the street and cause you to lose your medical coverage and leave you penniless.

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