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Your cell phone can be used to spy on you.

This is extremely creepy. I’ve known about this for a while but erroneously supposed that only the Government was able to spy on you using your cell phone.

The creepy part is that someone can listen in to your conversations even when the phone is not being used. The safest way to have a secure discussion when you are meeting with someone is to remove your cellphone battery (or use a homemade Faraday Cage) Continue reading

Congress considering making you keep Wifi Logs for 2 years

Compared to the so-called “Stimulus Bill” this is a minor piece of idiocy, but idiocy nonetheless.

According to this Cnet Article, congress is considering a bill to mandate that everyone with a wifi point keep records of all access for 2 years. They are trying to pass this off as “Fo the Children”

First of all, it is hard to determine exactly how this will protect children. Continue reading

Target loses disability lawsuit

First of all, let me say I can sympathize with persons with disabilities. I’ve had firsthand experience. HOWEVER, the lawsuit against Target Online and the settlement defies any logic or reason. To sum it up, some guy who was visually impaired could not easily purchase things online from Target. Sooooo. rather than try to get a friend or social worker to help, he hires Dewey Cheetum and Howe, ambulance ch… er I mean trial lawyers to file a multi million dollar lawsuit against Target. Continue reading

You Will give me your laptop NOW AKA Sie geben mir Ihren Laptop sofort Schwein

This is unbelievable. The gummint can arbitrarily take your laptop when you return to the country for ‘a reasonable time’. They are supposedly ‘protecting us from terrorists and child porn’. Noble indeed my dear sir.

However, the hideous part of this is that they don’t need to have any reason or suspicion to seize your property. The ninth circus court has upheld this (if the ninth circus say’s it’s OK, you know is is a ***** Bad ***** idea… Make that a ****HIDEOUS**** idea. Continue reading

Violate ISP customer’s privacy and rip off web publishers in one shot

I just read an interesting thread at Webmasterworld about an ISP inserting their ads into web pages.

First of all, consider that the ability of web publishers to run their ads on their pages to generate revenue is what allows for so much free content on the Internet.

A major Internet Service Provider, Charter Communications, based out of St. Louis Mo. is implementing a plan where Continue reading

Patrick Murphy D-PA votes for forfieture of your home if your kids download music

Patrick Murphy, Democrat of Pennsylvania has voted AYE on a House bill that would essentially allow the government to confiscate your home if your kids download a couple of songs.

Yep, you got that right. If your 12 year old downloads a couple of songs, you can lose everything. If one of your kid’s friends comes over regularly and uses your wifi, some bloated pig like Michael Moore can start procceedings that will throw you out on the street and cause you to lose your medical coverage and leave you penniless. Continue reading

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