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Check out Google Patents for Patents on Farts

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The great statesman Benjamin Franklin once wrote a book called “Fart Proudly” (Olde Ben was a bit eccentric)

Anyway, I had waaaaay too much time on my hands and was searching Google Patents which is a list of US patents going back to 1776. Actually some of them are pretty interesting. Anyway, I decided to search the patents for ‘fart’. A whole bunch of stuff came up like.

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Canon mx310 series all in one – dumber than a rock

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Ok, maybe it was operator error.. then again, maybe the user interface stinks.

I needed to fax about 5 pages to a client. I loaded the stack of papers into the Canon MX310 all in one machine. I thought I hit the fax button but I can’t be sure. Anyway, I put in the fax number – 15165551212 and hit Black and White.

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Google Street Views does bambi Roadkill

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Google took a hit today for flagging just about every site on the internet as harmful.. OK, that we can live with..

However, this article from The Guardian provides details about a google street views van hitting a fawn. Apparently, the views in Street View show the fawn ahead of the van, and then show it sprawled out dead on the road… Oh well, I guess they had venison at the Googleplex that week.

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