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Click on a link, any link – Get busted and go to Jail

Declan McCullough has been writing on tech stuff for quite a while. He recently posted an article about FBI Entrapment about a situation where the FBI posted some links on a message board that appeared to be links to obviously illegal pictures and video that were to an FBI run site. Some guy clicked on the links and a couple of days later got a visit from the feds, was thrown on the ground, handcuffed, tried by a jury of morons… er his peers and convicted. His attorney is trying to get things reversed. (by the way, “Hundreds” of people were nailed with this particular sting)

OK, Great, they busted some scumball. Child porn is illegal and repugnant. It’s much much worse than a sitting prez nailing an intern a year older than his daughter. So, no problem if you are a good upstanding citizen, right???

WRONGO BONZO- Go straight to jail, do not pass “GO”. Do no collect $200.

The fundamental flaw in this that was outlined in the article was that it appeared that the Feds were simply looking at the IP of the person who clicked, not the referrer. IOW, They saw that someone clicked on the link and followed it. They don’t know what link they really clicked.

For example, they might have clicked the links on the FBI post that read something like OK, so that person should know they are venturing into possibly illegal territory. Note the stress on possibly.

Now, here is the problem where the FBI is using the “Kill them all, let God sort them out approach”. It has to do with the way anchor text works.

There are two parts to an HTML link, (1) the actual address that the link points to and (2) the text that is displayed for the user. Therein lies the problem and a huge potential that would allow people to ruin the lives of others. This has been widely known for some time. The whole Google bombing that led to Google showing a page on President Bush for the search term “miserable failure” is a result of just this type of manipulation.

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New Jersey Kommisar of Nannyism Subpoenas Records of Social Site

Some people’s feeewings might have been hurt so the Attorney General of New Jersey has to come to the rescue.

A social networking site, was set up in Nevada. Ok, so the site is a place where people say not nice things about other people. Guess what folks, the real world is like that. People will get nasty. Just look at politics, Dina McGreevey starts saying nasty things about Eliott Spizter and then it comes out that Ms. McGreevey, the ex NJ Love Gov and their driver were having steamy three ways which might involve NJ taxpayer’s funds. Oh, and no sooner does the new New York Gov get in to replace the disgraced Spitzer that we find out he was cheating on his loving wife and seeing ho’s in a hotel (Guess that’s why it’s called that) again, possibly using taxmoney from his state’s citizens. Continue reading

Use Caution if you allow visitors to post unmoderated pics to your sites.

There are a lot of tools available that will allow webmasters to allow visitors to upload pictures and then make them immediately available to other visitors.

On one of the webmaster boards I frequent, someone raised the question of checking uploaded pics for inappropriate content. In other words, the uploaded pics were visible immediately. Continue reading

GREAT NEWS- Botnet operators arrested…!!!!

Well, this is great news.. The FBI has arrested ‘several’ ‘botherders. These are the people who use malicious software to gain control of home, business and institutional computers. Their task is made easier by the millions of small businesses and home users who do not keep their computers adequately secured. Continue reading

Be careful whose wireless you access

Depending on where you live, how busy the local cops and prosecuter are, and your overall luck, freeloading on an open wifi connection could cost you dearly.

A guy in Michigan was spotted using a local cafe’s wireless. From the description, it doesn’t sound like he was a bad guy – volunteer firefighter, secretary for a bagpipe band.. It also sounds like the cafe owner wasn’t all that worried about the access. Continue reading

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