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Tool for assembling Bush and Souder computer desks

As part of trying to make my home office more efficient, I purchased some Bush and Souder Computer desks. I was very happy with both products.

One problem I was running into during assembly was getting the special screws for the cams to screw in straight and not cause the laminate to flake.  I made a simple tool from a piece of 1×2 scrap. I simply drilled a hole slightly larger than the screw. I could insert the screw and then use my power drill (Use power tools for this at your own risk as it could damage the desk).  The tool kept the screw nice and straight and got it started perfectly almost every time. Continue reading

Vista, Blue screens of death and ubiquitous Windows

I read a couple of weeks ago that Bill Gates wants to expand where we will find Windows… ie in your car and other places….

That is interesting… I’m sitting here in a Starbucks and was doing a little bit of blogging. Nothing, special.. I had just highlighted some text and got a BSOD Blue Screen of Death and a forced reboot. Fortunately, I try to never have a lot of unsaved data. Continue reading

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