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Hot phones drain your battery faster.

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Today’s phones will drain your battery faster when they are hot. For example, if you are driving and have your phone on the console where the sun is hitting it, the battery becomes less effective. Another example would be having the phone in your shirt pocket at an outdoor event where the sun is hitting it.

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Travel wifi – Beware of the evil twin

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I came across something the other day that is interesting for those who use wifi while traveling.

There is an attack known as an ‘evil twin’ attack. The attacker creates a wifi host with a name similar to, or the same as, that used by a hotel, cafe or other hotspot. They broadcast from a location near the real hotspot. In some cases, they might have disabled the real hotspot.

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Contingency plans for laptop failures while on the road

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My previous post detailed a failure of the hard drive on my relatively new Pavillion Laptop. Stuff like that happens and I’m still very satisfied with HP.

Anyway, the good news is that the failure happened at home. Had that happened on the road, things might have been a little more of a pain. Here are some thoughts on contingency planning for those who travel and absolutely have to have their laptops.

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