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Scheduled restart of uvnc_service to restore connectivity when away with UVNC VNC server

I use UVNC to remote into my desktop while I’m not in my home office.

I have been running into situations where the uvnc_service needs to be restarted.  Of course, if you aren’t in front of the machine or no one is available, then you can’t restart the service. This could be a problem if you need access and are away.

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Contingency plans for laptop failures while on the road

My previous post detailed a failure of the hard drive on my relatively new Pavillion Laptop. Stuff like that happens and I’m still very satisfied with HP.

Anyway, the good news is that the failure happened at home. Had that happened on the road, things might have been a little more of a pain. Here are some thoughts on contingency planning for those who travel and absolutely have to have their laptops.

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