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Protect your Privacy

Protect your privacy.  Technology is the great two edged sword. It enables us. It also enables others to delve into the most personal aspects of our lives.

The key to protecting your privacy is constant vigilance. Something that seems ‘cool’ or ‘fun’ could expose your personal information to corporations or identity thieves.

That voice activated TV that is a great new toy could be recording your conversations and sending them back to be analyzed in order ‘to show ads’.

Most people would probably never consider that their toilet or sink could be a spy. That sounds crazy but it is a real threat. In order to protect your privacy you need to be careful about what technology you add to your home.

Do you post on Twitter?  There are tools that will profile your Twitter presence.

Browse our collection below of tips to protect your privacy.

Veritas Expose – Twitter employees are looking at your private messages including those of your privates…

Updated 2019 – Did you ever consider that Twitter might be looking at your private messages?  James O’Keefe of Project Veritas caught twitter employees candidly discussing how they can and do read your MOST PRIVATE MESSAGES.  Hundreds of employees are paid to sift through your most intimate tweets and private messages.

Project Veritas exposed Twitter employees openly talking about how they can view the most personal of private tweets.

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What would you say if I told you that your television was listening to your conversations?

Many years ago,  back in the 1980’s. I studied Tae Kwon Do.  After class we would often go out for ONE beer. Any more and the instructor would not be happy.

One night, one of the newer students said “You know, they used to only be able to listen to you, now they can watch you through your television”. We had a couple of minutes of discussion on this.

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