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Useless Peco Website.

When will companies get their acts together and provide functioning websites??

I wanted to check on my Peco bill. I thought I paid online through their site. However, when I tried to check, I got.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to retrieve your scheduled payment information at this time.”

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Dlink DCS 936L camera – False alarms all day but misses SUVs, Mailmen and all 240 pounds of me.

Let me preface this by saying that the DCS 936L is not designed for outdoor use. I installed it under my garage eave to look at the driveway and doorway.

The way the unit is now, it’s worse than worthless. I turned the sensitivity up to 50 percent (It Was windy today and the unit is under the garage eve looking at the driveway and door).

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Guardzilla won’t work with my Moto XT

I purchased an outdoor Guardzilla security camera. I got it set up and working with my Moto X Pure edition. After a few minutes, it started downloading a camera update. After that, I could no longer connect.

I tried reinstalling the app on my phone but still could not connect. I exchanged that unit for a new one at Staples. Guess what.. the new one wouldn’t connect either.

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Let’s put the SHRED button right next to the SCAN button.

I’m working with a new machine with McAfee preinstalled.. OK. What bunch of rocket scientists decided to put the SCAN button in the context menu right on top of the SHRED button.

This is almost as bad as the idiots who would put the physical CD “eject” button right next to the Power button. OK, time to pop out the Grateful Dead “Touch of Grey” album and insert Procul Harums’ Whiter Shade of Pa… OH CRAP.. I HIT THE POWER BUTTON.. AS SOON AS I RELEASE IT A HALF HOUR OF WORK VAPORIZES.. (only did that once but once was enough)

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