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D-Link DCH S160 Wifi Water sensor – SETUP HELL!!

I purchased a Dlink DCH S160 Water Sensor. We’re expecting a lot of rain and I wanted to monitor my basement. I expected to spend 10 minutes to set it up.

WELL…. Thanks you pointed headed idiots at Dlink.. I’m now into 90 minutes and no stinking connection.. They have really cute graphics on the app BUT I DON”T WANT CUTE GRAPHICS.. I WANT A WORKING WATER SENSOR!!!! Continue reading

Carbonite’s colored dots are not showing. .

Carbonite uses green and yellow solid and hollow dots on the icons in Windows Explorer to indicate if the folder/file is backed up, pending or excluded.

I noticed that the dots were no longer showing.
I found a blog post that indicated that the problem was that other applications such as Dropbox will conflict with the shell overlays from Carbonite.

Continue reading

Verizon Wireless Droid X hotspot worse than useless

I am away and am using my verizon droid x as a wireless hotspot. I pay for this service every month.

I’ve noticed that my phone’s bars change from blue to white and I saw a ‘3g connection lost’ message.

I tried calling Verizon’s ‘support’. However, they must have contracted with a flaming idiot or a sadist to design their voice mail system. They jerked my chain for a half hour running me in stinking circles until I figured out that they have ‘limited support’ after 11 pm. Continue reading

Wikipedia Blackout in protest of the Stop anti piracy legislation

Wikipedia is staging a blackout on Wednesday Jan 18 in protest of the STOP piracy act. The stop piracy act is an insane move by the coke snorting, heroin using hollywood degenerates to grab every penny then can, legitimately or otherwise.

The STOP act is a bi-partisan cluster fark. Those who received large amounts of money from the entertainment industry supported this unconstitutional bill. Continue reading

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