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The US Post Office Website SUCKS

I haven’t used the USPS.Com Click and ship for a while. I have a system that allows me to assign a unique password to each online site I use. However, the USPS idiot programmers decided that they would require at least one letter to be uppercase and one to be lower case. Somehow the password algo I use is not providing the correct password to access the site. Then I figured I would just reset the password.

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Insanity – Philadelphia is requiring bloggers to have a license.

The Washington Examiner has an article about the City of Philadelphia requiring bloggers to have a $300 business license. This is absolutely insane. Supposedly the city is so cash strapped that it is imposing onerous and expensive business licensing requirements on someone who is making a couple of bucks a year with a blog running adsense.

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Lower Merion Spy Cameras snapped 56000 pics of students

Fifty Six Thousand

That is how many pictures the Lower Merion School District snapped of students (A couple of weeks ago, they were only claiming ‘400 or so’)… That is the trouble with our educational system, the people running it have math skills so lacking they thing that 56000 = 400.

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