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Kodak “easyshare” won’t run right on limited accounts

Let me preface this by saying that the best protection we’ve found for XP based systems is that users do all recreational surfing and email reading from a limited user account, not an account with administrator rights. We try to set up our home based clients especially so that the kids are running as limited users. That has been over 99% effective in stopping virus and trojan attacks.

The other day we were working with a client who had purchased a new Kodak camera for her son. The computer running XP would not see the camera. We were getting a ‘device not recognized” error. I tried doing a repair install of Easyshare and then a complete reinstall. It still wouldnt’ recognize the camera. Continue reading

SBS, Symantec Endpoint Protection and Network Threat Protection


A server had an expired copy of Norton Corporate 10.x. Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.x seemed to be the best alternative at the time. We purchased enough licenses and installed SEP on the clients (about 6 machines). So far so good.

When we tried to install on the server, it was requiring that IIS be installed on the server. That turned out to be a nightmare because (1) the company could not locate the distribution media for Server 2003 (It is a legal copy) and (2) the c drive is short of space (For some reason the previous VAR decided that 8 gig on the c drive would be enough hard drive space. Continue reading

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