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Warning on SourceForge downloads from Howtogeek.

HowtoGeek just published a warning about SourceForge bundling crapware with downloads.

The freeware/trialware environment has changed radically for the worse over the last few years. What was once a place where you could download legitimate free applications has changed. You can download applications, but if you aren’t extremely careful, the application will be bundled with a bunch of malware / crapware that will create havoc with your machine.

When you do have to download: Continue reading

“Your Grandson is being held in prison and you need to pay $2000 to get him released” Phone scam

My mother received a call the other day from a ‘detective’ claiming that my son was in jail in Charlotte Il. She spoke with someone impersonating my son who claimed that he sounded different because ‘he had a cold’ and ‘slept on the cell floor’.

The man claiming to be the ‘detective’ wanted her to purchase money cards in the amount of $2000 to ‘pay his bail’. My mother smelled a rat and asked the kid impersonating my son a question only he could answer which, of course, the impersonator  could not answer. Continue reading

Periscope and privacy

Periscope is a popular streaming feature for twitter  BUT the problem is that people viewing your stream can pinpoint your address.  Creep Factor 10 Mr. Sulu.  Also, there is a current flaw that allows the titles of streams marked as ‘private’ to be seen by the public.

In other words, the app allows you to send a video stream using twitter.  However, someone can look at the stream and determine your location with a high degree of accuracy. Continue reading

Privacy Danger from Android Flashlight and other apps

A friend sent a video about the dangers of  Flashlight apps for Android based devices.   Let me say that I am an App Junkie with dozens of apps on my phone and tablet.

The problem is that these apps are apparently being used to spy on your devices. Every app tells you what permissions it needs in order to be installed. However, most of us ignore that notice. Continue reading

Lenovo PCs are bundled with Superfish that bypasses your https security.

Lenovo has been bundling it’s PCs with Superfish.  The company claims that there are no issues with this software.

The problem is that Superfish is designed to bypass the security and encryption you get when you visit a site using https.  Superfish can then see passwords, bank account details and other personal information. Continue reading

The whole system of “secret questions” used by tens of thousands of sites, including email providers, banks and government sites is fundamentally flawed.

The whole system of “secret questions” used by tens of thousands of sites, including email providers, banks and government sites is fundamentally flawed. If you have even a casual acquaintance with someone, you can pick up enough information to access at least some of their sites. The “Where were you born” question is a joke.  The problem is that if you give a fake answer you might not remember it when you need it and find yourself locked out of your account.

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