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Removing spaces from filenames in Joomla sites

I’ve run into a situations where the images used in a site have invalid file names (Mostly spaces). This was due to migrations from other platforms and the fact that earlier platforms such as Frontpage were lax with filenaming.

I started to look at page speed and ran the images through smushit.. Smushit returns the compressed images with a + replacing spaces in the file name. If I try to rename the files through FTP or JCE, the link to the image is broken.

In summary Continue reading

Setting browser caching

When checking our sites with some of the common page speed tools, a recurring theme of “Leverage Browser Caching” comes up.

Browser caching is simply directives in the .htaccess file that tells the user’s browser how to cache some of the site’s content. Content that is cached at the browser level does not have to be reloaded every time the user views it. For example, a header image could be cached. Then, as the user views other pages, the header image is retrieved from the user’s computer, not over the network.


Fixing the “Leverage browser caching” and “Enable Compression” from Google Page Speed in Joomla

Many Joomla sites have speed issues. Google Page Speed tools can help identify potential areas for improvement. “Leverage Browser Caching”  and “Enable Compression” are often cited as potential areas for improvement.

You will get these messages even if you have Joomla’s cache and Gzip compression on. The Joomla Cache is a server cache, not a browser cache. Continue reading

A good slideshow on the basics of SEO (Joomla using sh404sef)

The following is a good slideshow on the basics of SEO factors. The newer releases of Joomla (1.6 on) are plagued with duplicate content problems, especially with Google. This can easily kill a site.

There are tools available that will help solve the duplicate content issue by a canonical url. This means that, if Joomla is creating multiple links to content, search engines will only see one url. The tool we are using now is sh404sef from AnythingDigital. In addition to fixing the canonical issues, it also provides other site enhancements such as custom 404 pages Continue reading

Using a 301 redirect to avoid search engines seeing duplicate content.

Before you begin, be aware that errors in your .htaccess file could result in an unreachable site or loss of traffic.

It is important to ensure that search engines do not see duplicate content on your site. This can result in a penalty or dilution of your traffic. One of the more common errors is to not redirect your traffic to or vice versa. In other words, the search engines begin to believe you have two identical sites. Continue reading

Redirecting a folder using Apache redirects

We are in the process of converting a number of our MS Frontpage bases sites to Joomla based sites.

Most of the FP sites had pages with HTM extensions. We turned on most of the SEO functions for Joomla 1.7. The resulting URLs have an HTML extension. Over the years, search engines have indexed the pages. If we simply switch form Frontpage to Joomla, there will be a period of time when the URL in the search engines leads to a page not found error.

One way to deal with this is with 301 redirects. You can edit your.htaccess file and set up redirects. For example, Continue reading

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