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Gmail appears to be down

Having issues with gmail. Checked  and it appears that there are issues. Some people have been down for 4 days.

One comment said that IMAP was working but not smtp. I’ll check that later to confirm,

Gmail doesn’t play AVI files??

I have a need to review .AVI files in my inbox. My email is gmail.  If I am using outlook, everything is fine. However, if I use, I get “No Preview Available” and a choice of cloud based players along with download or download to Google Drive.

I just want to watch the steeeeenking video. I’m leery of third party viewers. I tried some of the third party viewers gmail suggested and they were worthless. Continue reading

Printing with Google Gmail is slow or hangs

One of our clients just went over to Gmail. He called this morning saying that printing emails was taking a long time, was crashing the machine and when it didn’t crash, the print was tiny, almost like microfiche.

I looked at my GMail and found that if I went to a message and hit File, Print, it would take almost 30 seconds to see my printer list. If I went to any other webpage and did a File Print, the printer list appeared in less than 5 seconds. Continue reading

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