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You might want to recheck your site’s mobile readiness with Google even iA reason for differences in Blogger, Google Analytics and Adsense page views f you passed previously.

I was doing a monthly review of a client’s site. As of the end of April 2015, Google is placing a heavy emphasis on the mobile friendliness of the your site.

I checked this site at the beginning of April. It is a Joomla 3.4.x site. I had to remove the media and templates folders from robots.txt.  After doing that, Google reported that the site was mobile friendly. Continue reading

Summer travel time – Virtualize your office for offsite access.

Summer vacation time is approaching. Many of us will either take vacations or mini vacations.

For the self employed, that means that you are not at your office or home office.  You might head to the shore for a couple of days or perhaps take a trip for a stay at a resort. Will you have access to the information and resources you  need?

The key to success is to plan ahead. Continue reading

Bing is focusing on the ‘mobile readiness’ of sites.

Bing is placing more emphasis on the mobile friendliness of websites.

I posted previously about the Google Algo changes in April 2015 regarding the mobile friendliness of your sites.   According to a November 2014 Post on the Bing Blog, Bing is highlighting mobile friendly sites when you search via Bing  from a mobile device. Continue reading

Google + update on Samsung Galaxy S3 giving a Can’t Load Data Error – SOLVED (At least somewhat)

I am still using my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I use Google + mainly to check shared locations of friends.  Guess which part of the phone and Google – doesn’t work?  Yep, the shared locations. Ever since the last Google + update some time in March of 2015, I’m getting a Can’t load data error.

Well, I can always jump over and use my Nexus 7.. Oh wait.. the Google Lollipop update screwed that tablet up to the point where I could get better results with a clay tablet and wooden stylus. Continue reading

Server Problem, Please try later error with Google + Locations on Samsung S3 – SOLVED

I use the location sharing on Google + Locations.  My Samsung Galaxy S III started giving an error of “Server problem – please try later” when I tried to update locations.

If I rebooted the phone, it seemed to give me  a fresh location but then went right back to the error.

Google + locations was working fine on my Nexus 7. Continue reading

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