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Google + update on Samsung Galaxy S3 giving a Can’t Load Data Error – SOLVED (At least somewhat)

I am still using my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I use Google + mainly to check shared locations of friends.  Guess which part of the phone and Google – doesn’t work?  Yep, the shared locations. Ever since the last Google + update some time in March of 2015, I’m getting a Can’t load data error.

Well, I can always jump over and use my Nexus 7.. Oh wait.. the Google Lollipop update screwed that tablet up to the point where I could get better results with a clay tablet and wooden stylus. Continue reading

Verizon Wireless Droid X hotspot worse than useless

I am away and am using my verizon droid x as a wireless hotspot. I pay for this service every month.

I’ve noticed that my phone’s bars change from blue to white and I saw a ‘3g connection lost’ message.

I tried calling Verizon’s ‘support’. However, they must have contracted with a flaming idiot or a sadist to design their voice mail system. They jerked my chain for a half hour running me in stinking circles until I figured out that they have ‘limited support’ after 11 pm. Continue reading

Droid x and car dock not charging

I recently purchased a car dock for my son. He and I both have Droid-X’s. He is using his phone as a GPS Navigator while in the car. We noticed a disturbing trend with both phones in that the car dock does not seem to charge the phone. It will keep the current charge but will not increase the battery level. I’ve confirmed this with the Battery Mixer app.

I’ve hunted around for some possible solutions. I’m not sure which I’ll try first but I have to do something as I paid 40 dollars for a next to useless car dock. (Are the engineers that stupid?)

I did find a couple of possibilities while digging through related posts Continue reading

k9 email client for the droid

I was not happy with the native mail client for the d droid.

I found the k9 mail client which does a much better job. What I really like is g2
that the expunge feature will delete messages from your server. It was not clear with the native email client.

O utalso see seems to do a better job with attachments.

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