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Verion Wireless

Verizon Wireless Droid X hotspot worse than useless

I am away and am using my verizon droid x as a wireless hotspot. I pay for this service every month.

I’ve noticed that my phone’s bars change from blue to white and I saw a ‘3g connection lost’ message.

I tried calling Verizon’s ‘support’. However, they must have contracted with a flaming idiot or a sadist to design their voice mail system. They jerked my chain for a half hour running me in stinking circles until I figured out that they have ‘limited support’ after 11 pm. Continue reading

Malicious email snafus Samsung Saga messaging

My previous post mentioned that I was having assorted problems including the loss of the Voice Command function on my Samsung Saga running Windows Mobile 1.5.

After I had fixed the Voice Command issue, I noticed that my messaging key (in the lower right of the keypad) was not bringing up messaging. I also found that I could not start the messaging app at all. Continue reading

Samsung saga – voice command failure

The voice command for dialing suddenly stopped working on my samsung saga giving an error of “voice command has encountered a problem. restart voice command and try again”. I tried several reboots including taking the battery out. The problem persisted.

This is extremely aggravating in that I was no longer able to use my phone in a hands free mode while driving. Continue reading

300 Bucks for a Verizon Samsung Saga THAT DOESN”T WORK

I purchased Samsung Sagas from Verizon for me and my son. Mine is working OK. His keeps going into a mode where the phone will not work. It will not send or receive calls nor will it work with data except with wifi. When you try to dial, you get a message that there is no service. IOW, I have a three hundred dollar worthless piece of junk. Continue reading

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