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Comcast issues Jersey Shore July 2015 UPDATE

The Comcast tech came out. He was very knowledgeable. He found that my modem/router was configured in the wrong slot at comcast. As soon as he changed the setting, speeds went to 25+/5+

The TV issue was a result of an old cable that a previous tech left in place when rewiring after Sandy.

Now I’m happily computing at full speed ahead.

Comcast issues at the Jersey Shore – July 6 2015

Comcast is still having issues – Waiting for a tech now. The software issues that they said were related to the recent fiber upgrade are apparently still there.

Almost any neighbor I speak with has issues with their televisions dropping signal and slow internet access. Here is a graph of my results since Jul 2 2015 Continue reading

Check broadband availability before moving your home or office.

Moving into a new office on a long term lease and finding out that you cannot get high speed internet could result in a disaster. We are becoming increasingly dependent on reliable, affordable high speed internet access.

There are a surprising number of office buildings and even homes that cannot get broadband. Continue reading

Remember – Wifi is line of sight and distance/obstructions matter.

I got a call from a client I hadn’t seen in a while. He said his machine was slow, especially when reading his AOL email.

The machine was way overdue for a checkup so I took it back to the office. However, I remembered that he was using a Wifi connection.  I checked the signal in the room using the Wifi Analyzer app on my android. The signal strength in the room was about -85db. Continue reading

I give up.. IP addresses for Light bulbs?? ? You have to be kidding me

I just read an article on ‘smart light bulbs‘.  Your lighting can now be controlled over the internet via your home wifi.

You HAVE to be kidding me.. I used to joke that when my toaster had an IP address I’d give up technology, change my name to Abraham Stoltzfus and ask the Amish to take me in.

Yep, I’ll pay $25 bucks a bulb so that I can sit in a meeting with my smartphone and turn the lights in my house on and off. Continue reading

Installing office 365

Notes –

  • this post will be updated/ revised a bit.
  • This method will work for about 20 users or less since it is a manual migration of the outlook data. If you have a large organization it might be too time consuming.
  • Figure about 20 hours at least for 10 users.

IMPORTANT – If you are already using outlook. BE SURE YOUR OUTLOOK/EXCHANGE DATA IS BACKED UP.. Repeat – back up your existing data. Just in case you missed that, be sure to do a backup prior to migration. Continue reading

okidata c5500n network printer not networking

I was working with a client who has an Okidata C5500n printer. They had it directly connected via USB to one of the machines. The printer was shared from there.

That particular machine has been a bit unstable so I wanted to use the network connectivity. I tried setting it up on a Vista and a Windows 7 machine without success. I ran out of time. My initial impression is that setting up the networking on that particular printer is a bit quirky.

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