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Verizon Fios emails to AOL bouncing – Can’t these two play nice??

First of all, if you are still using AOL for your business, you want to go out and get a real email, preferrably one that goes with your domain. If you can’t do that, at least try gmail.

I’ve been sending some things to friends and clients. I took a look through my incoming emails and looked at the bounced message details. Everything going to anyone with and AOHELL.. er I mean AOL email is bouncing. What happens is that residential FIOS gives you a dynamic IP address. AOL’s spam reporting is based on IP addresses. This means you are getting an new IP address about once a week. You are, in effect, getting someone else’s history. Continue reading

Verizon Fios support – Outsourced to Larry Moe and Curley Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

  • Updated Sat 8 2 (See Bottom of Post for updates)
  • Updated Mon 8/4/08
  • Updated Mon night 8/4/08
  • Updated Tues Morning 8/5/08 – Call Forwarding SUCCESS – after 25 agents and 18 hours of calling

About 2 months ago, we switched our internet and one phone to Verizon Fios. That went fairly well with some minor glitches (ie, they gave us a ‘dying on arrival’ modem that resulted in more down time in one week than I had in the past 7 years with my previous DSL provider) Continue reading

Switched to Verizon Fios – Initial report -AAAARRRgggghhh

Since we were in a neighborhood with some really old copper, we finally decided to abandon Speakeasy’s DSL after about 8 years of excellent service and uptime.

Verizon has been pushing their FIOS at just about every turn. We signed up and they started the install process. I have to say that the cable crew did an excellent job laying the fiber in our yard. It was a 75 yard run and it was hard to see where they had laid it when they were done. Everything was cleaned up completly. Continue reading

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