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Quickbooks 2010 won’t print or email WTF???

It is a amazing that a multi billion dollar company such as Intuit can F___ up something as simple as a flipping PRINT function for their Quickbooks 2010 product. I mean.. Duhhhhh … businesses will ****Probably**** want to flipping print or email a flipping invoice. Right now, I can ask my clients to come over and show them their invoice on the monitor.. At least THAT didn’t break.

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Backing up PST files using the FILE EXPORT feature of Outlook

Many people will have invaluable information stored in Outlook. … Calendars, Contacts, emails, notes and more.  They often have no backups of this file, especially in the case of home or home office users. They don’t realize how vulnerable they are till the experience a lost or corrupted PST file.

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