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Tools to help with the financial side of your home or business including Invoicing, estimating, billing, accounting and bookkeepping.

Workaround for Quickbooks 2010 backup files that crash on restore

Our Quickbooks 2010 data went haywire. Quickbooks was crashing when attempting to open our company file.

I restarted Windows 7 and the problem cleared up but it appeared that we had lost transactions. I tried the file doctor and a rebuild. the newer transactions still appeared to be missing.

I then tried to restore from a backup but that crashed. Continue reading

Quickbooks 2010 Printing and PDF’ing screwed up

My copy of intuit’s quickbooks 2010 is still screwed up for printing and Pdf’ing. I reinstalled 2010 with the latest R17 release.

I went through numerous attempts to fix the issue including Intuit’s “PDF Repair Tool”. I won’t even post a link to that piece of useless junk that would be better named “Intuit’s tool to waste your time” Continue reading

Quickbooks 2010 won’t print or email WTF???

It is a amazing that a multi billion dollar company such as Intuit can F___ up something as simple as a flipping PRINT function for their Quickbooks 2010 product. I mean.. Duhhhhh … businesses will ****Probably**** want to flipping print or email a flipping invoice. Right now, I can ask my clients to come over and show them their invoice on the monitor.. At least THAT didn’t break. Continue reading

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