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Outlook Express Password Recovery

I have a client who just purchased a new machine.  I’m migrating his apps and data over the weekend in order to deliver it Monday morning. One small problem was that he had no idea what he was using for a password for his email. The password was entered in Outlook Express so he never had to use it.

I tried a couple of free recovery tool but both of them crashed. The old machine is running windows XP home. Continue reading

Backing up PST files using the FILE EXPORT feature of Outlook

Many people will have invaluable information stored in Outlook. … Calendars, Contacts, emails, notes and more.  They often have no backups of this file, especially in the case of home or home office users. They don’t realize how vulnerable they are till the experience a lost or corrupted PST file.

I back up my PST files by simply doing a File export. This is a manual process but, once you have done it a few times, it is almost effortless. Continue reading

EzOutlookSync – Synchronizing 2 or more outlook PST files

In our home office, I like to have the ability for my wife to see my emails. She doesn’t need to have realtime access but does need to see things. I also like to keep a working copy of my outlook file on my laptop. My desktop is still the ‘main machine’ for outlook.

In this situation, I could go for my own exchange server or a hosted exchange solution. Both are expensive and the latter even more so, because I am working with about 20+ email addresses as a result of our websites. Continue reading

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