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Windows Mobile – Can’t send Email

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I ran into a problem with my Samsung Saga running Windows Mobile 6.1. I was in a location where I was using wireless and the wireless provider had blocked the email ports. I thought “No problem, I’ll just send this when I get outside”. I was still getting the error that “The message(s) cannot be sent…”

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Vista, Norton and Total Appraisal

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We are still advising most of our business clients to try to purchase new machines with XP Pro instead of Vista. We were just referred to a new client who had been going through a nightmare trying to network 3 machines running Wintotal’s Aurora Appraisal Software. They had been hit by lightning and had to purchase new machines. They went with Vista Home Premium.

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Vista and Norton Internet Security not playing well together

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We had one computer where the trial version of NIS had expired so we loaded one license from a 3 pack of NIS. Prior to loading it, I believe we ran the Norton removal tool. Everything went well.

We had a second laptop running Vista home premium and did the same thing.

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