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KB4056892, the Windows 10 patch to address Meltdown/Spectre installed on my laptop – Performance results are…

There has been a lot of speculation that the software patches to OS’s to address the Meltdown, Spectre could result in a 30 percent performance decrease . The update installed on my laptop on Jan 3rd and the results are..

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Microsoft allows manufacturers to install crapware that COMES BACK EVEN AFTER A CLEAN INSTALL

I can’t imagine what microsoft is thinking..  Windows 8 and 10 allows manufacturers to install crapware … AND… UNBELIEVABLY… set up the firmware so that the crapware reinstalls itself if you do a clean install of windows..

Scheduled restart of uvnc_service to restore connectivity when away with UVNC VNC server

I use UVNC to remote into my desktop while I’m not in my home office.

I have been running into situations where the uvnc_service needs to be restarted.  Of course, if you aren’t in front of the machine or no one is available, then you can’t restart the service. This could be a problem if you need access and are away.

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Good article on Windows 10 from HowtoGeek

HowToGeek published and  article that made me rethink Windows 10.  My original objection to Windows 10 was that the home version would force updates with no opt out option.   The article states that the update process would be ‘like chrome’.   In other words, the updates would not be the same as the current Windows update process. That might mean that the update process isn’t as much of a roadblock as I originally thought.

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