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Android Nexus 7 – Periodic “Starting Android – Optimizing application x of x” IOW Lollipop sucks

My Nexus 7 has been a mess ever since the Google Lollipop update.  A new issue is cropping up where the tablet will spontaneously reboot. When it restarts, it goes into a “Starting Android, Optimizing app n of nn” mode.

After checking on this, it appears that I’m luck because the tablet will start up when it is finished optimizing. Some people end up with a tablet or phone that is rendered useless by the device looping in this mode. Continue reading

Privacy Danger from Android Flashlight and other apps

A friend sent a video about the dangers of  Flashlight apps for Android based devices.   Let me say that I am an App Junkie with dozens of apps on my phone and tablet.

The problem is that these apps are apparently being used to spy on your devices. Every app tells you what permissions it needs in order to be installed. However, most of us ignore that notice. Continue reading

Re purposing an old android phone as a security camera.

I had been considering trying to use an old android phone as a security/monitoring device. One example of an application would be to be able to check the basement to make sure that the sump pump was operational if I was out of the house.

I came across a great article on HowToGeek  as to do exactly this. Continue reading

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Trying Android 5.1 (Lollipop) update on my Nexus 7

My Nexus 7 tablet was running extremely well until I installed the Lollipop update. It went from being trusty and reliable to crashing and hanging every 2 minutes.  I applied some of the fixes such as clearing the system cache which helped a bit. I also put Advanced Task Killer in the tray and started using that to kill all processes **IF** I could get the thing to respond when I turned it on.

I had visions of taking it to the skeet range, yelling “Pull” and having someone toss it in the air. Continue reading

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