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Norton Internet Security now dies when your subscription ends

My Norton Internet Security has been bugging me to renew. I wasn’t worried because my past experience was that it would continue to run after the end of the subscription which gave me a couple of days leeway.

However, when I booted one of my machines today I noticed that Norton simply stops working when the subscription expires. In other words, you apparently lose all of your protection. Continue reading

Norton Internet Security 2009 – First look

Yeah, I know it’s been out there for a while but we finally got to take a decent look at Norton Internet Security 2009.

The first thing I liked about it was that it will automatically remove your previous version of Norton as part of the install process. In prior versions, you had to do a manual uninstall first and then install the new version. Continue reading

Using a key from a boxed Norton 2008AV to renew a trial version

I had purchased a 3 license version of Norton Internet Security 2008. It was installed on 2 computers which left a third license available.

My laptop’s hard drive crashed a while back and I had to reinstall Vista (THAT was a LOT of fun). When I reinstalled, I ended up with the trial version of Norton Internet Security 2008. That trial subscription just ended. I really didn’t want to go through the uninstall and reinstall. Continue reading

SBS, Symantec Endpoint Protection and Network Threat Protection


A server had an expired copy of Norton Corporate 10.x. Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.x seemed to be the best alternative at the time. We purchased enough licenses and installed SEP on the clients (about 6 machines). So far so good.

When we tried to install on the server, it was requiring that IIS be installed on the server. That turned out to be a nightmare because (1) the company could not locate the distribution media for Server 2003 (It is a legal copy) and (2) the c drive is short of space (For some reason the previous VAR decided that 8 gig on the c drive would be enough hard drive space. Continue reading

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