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Large store ruins man’s life after he bought a phone in for repair.

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I know that many of our clients and potential clients are lured by the promises of “cheap” technology consulting by some of the larger chains. Claims such as “We’ll rid your computer of viruses for only $49” sound great. Especially considering that it can take us several hours to do a thorough job.

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Preventing images from overflowing a column in WordPress with an Artisteer theme and possibly other themes.

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I use Artisteer to create themes for my WordPress sites. As I was testing the sites, I noticed a major issue.

  • The monitor I use for development is 1920 x 1080.
  • I revised the WordPress large image to 800 x 800 in the WordPress Media Settings.
  • The layout is three columns, a wide column for content and two thinner columns for navigation and ads.

I noticed that when I resized the browser to a more square aspect ratio, the image would start to overlap the two right columns. As I researched there were a lot of solutions posted about modifying functions.php and using plugins. The issue was that none of the instruction were really clear as to where to put the code in functions.php much less which functions. php to use.

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Backups easier to do – but often forgotten

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I had 2 very lucky clients this week. Both had blue screen of death
failures. In both cases i was able to get the machine running or
retrieve the data with bartpe.

Neither person had any backups of their data. USB hard drives are
inexpensive. Now is the time to secure your data!

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Great Book on Computer Security AND it’s easy to read

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Here is a great book that will help beginners understand computer security. The book is about 30 years old but the information in it is still relevant.

Clifford Stohl is a Berkley Astronomy Professor who found a hacker entering his system. The book details some of the ways that the hacker was able to gain access.

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