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You must enable html multi for file uploads.

I was working on an app. The app requires allowing multiple images/docs to be attached to a document.

I was getting a no method error.   I had a similar function working in another app and compared the models, databases and controllers line by line.

It turned out that the problem was with the form. You need to set an HTML multipart attribute when you call the form to upload a file or files  as in: Continue reading

We’ve moved..

I have changed the URL for this blog from to That will be the permanent address from now on.

UPDATE January 16,2018. I have moved this blog from to 

Solved – Menu won’t reorder in Joomla after migration from 1.5

We had a Joomla site where the menu would not re-order properly. This seemed to occur after using Jupgrade to migrate the site from j 1.5.

I found a substantial amount of documentation about this on the Joomla forums and elsewhere. BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR SITE BEFORE TRYING ANY OF THESE FIXES.  The consensus was: Continue reading

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