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Using Knoppix to turn a dead windows machine into a web browser.

We sometimes run into Windows machines with a failed hard drive where it just doesn’t pay to replace the hard drive and rebuild the system.

You could simply scrap or junk the machines. However, there is an alternative.

You can make a Knoppix Linux boot CD.   Knoppix is a self contained linux operating system on a CD or DVD.  Knoppix contains some tools such as an open source version of office and a web browser.  Since the system runs from a CD or DVD, you can’t easily save things such as your configuration, bookmarks or files. However, you can save some things to a memory stick or through your network. Continue reading

Large store ruins man’s life after he bought a phone in for repair.

I know that many of our clients and potential clients are lured by the promises of “cheap” technology consulting by some of the larger chains. Claims such as “We’ll rid your computer of viruses for only $49” sound great. Especially considering that it can take us several hours to do a thorough job.

The important issue is that whenever you allow someone to work with your computers or phones, you are allowing them to access your most personal data including photos, emails, account information and more. Continue reading

BE Sure to claim your google places listing for your business

If you have a business, you should be sure that you have a listing in google places. Business owners can create update their listings for free.

This is a no brainer for storefronts and other brick and mortar businesses. Home based businesses need to exercise some caution. My company, CGM Systems, Inc is a home based business. I created a google places listing but listed “No Walk Ins, By Appointment only”. Our township has an ordinance that prohibits me from having customers visit my home business . I do not want them visiting anyway. (Note that the people who buy houses and make them rehab houses for addicts are allowed to use a house to run a multi million dollar business. However, I can’t have a client stop by to drop off or pick up a computer.. go figure). Continue reading

droid phones and outlook connectivity

I just purchased a droid x phone And found it would not connect to outlook easily out of the box. this was extremely frustrating I know much cost me to return the unit.

After some searching I found a product called companionlink. Companionlink will allow you to connect your droid to outlook and synchronize your calendar tasks and contacts. the application is relatively inexpensive at about 10 dollars. Continue reading

Pay as you go wireless broadband

We had a home office client whose DSL went down. They needed immediate connectivity. The solution was to purchase a Virgin Mobile wireless modem and airtime.

The modem was about $80. The plans currently offered are a 10 day, limited bandwith plan for about 10 and a one month, unlimited data plan for about $40.

The client needed about a week of connectivity and sends and receives large files so he opted for the $40 plan. Continue reading

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