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Retrieving data from a dead windows laptop hard drive with an external USB HD enclosure

As our population of windows laptops ages, we are seeing an increasing number that are failing to boot with blue screens.

  1. In many cases, the data is still intact. The issue is either a hardware failure or that Windows became corrupted.

An external USB enclosure can make the retrieval of your data a whole lot easier. The first thing is that you need to determine which style of enclosure you will need. Our experience has been that most laptops that are 4 or 5 years old are newer will fit in a 3.5 inch SATA enclosure. Continue reading

Rotating USB drives for backups

If you use USB hard drives in rotation for backups you can run into a problem in that hard drive. letter assignments are not sticky.

In one case I ran into an additional problem in that the existing configuration mapped a network drive as D. When you added a USBdrive, it took the first available drive letter which happened to be D. This caused conflicts. Continue reading

Antivirus 360

We’ve had a couple of calls in the last week or so to clean up home PCs infected with Antivirus 360. Apparently this is picked up as a drive by download while web browsing.

AV 360 impersonates the Windows Boot Splash screen which makes users think that they are rebooting. It sticks a message on there about ‘registering av 360’. Continue reading

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