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Verizon droid freezing screen if USB is connected after market updates

My verizon droid phone was working great until yesterday. I updated a bunch of my apps via the Market.

Later on that night I noticed:

  • When I connected the droid to a charger, it would freeze the screen. In other words, the screen was not responsive to inputs. As soon as I disconnect the charger, the phone is fine.
  • When I connected the droid to the laptop I use to sync with, the laptop slowed to a crawl. The task manager on the laptop only showed about 25 percent CPU usage. As soon as I disconnected from the USB, things got back to normal.

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Kodak Adobe Photoshop Photo Downloader and “parameter not found”

I had a client who called with a problem. He had an older Kodak 4900 camera with the Adobe Photoshop Photo Downloader 3.2. When he hit the button on the camera dock the software would respond with a fairly useless “Parameter not found”

Since he had the cd I tried reloading the program but the problem remained. I checked via my computer and could see the pictures he took. However, on closer examination, one of the pictures was showing an error. Continue reading

Active windows not showing in the XP Taskbar and Kelly’s Korner

I had a situation on my wife’s XP machine where, for some unknown reason, it would not show the active windows on the taskbar. I played around with it for a bit and just couldn’t get them to show.

I did some research and found a site where an MVP has a bunch of scripts up that will fix a whole bunch of problems. I’m a bit leery about running VBS and REG files from a site but it seemed to check out fine. (You will have to use at your own risk). The one that was referenced in other resources as the one to fix the problem was #240 at It was a VBS script. I ran it and it instantly fixed the problem. Continue reading

TomTom One XL

A couple of weeks ago, some dirtball stole my trusty old handheld GPS right out of my truck in our driveway.

I ended purchasing a TomTom One XL. Shortly after that, (totally unrelated) the hard drive on my HP crashed which wiped out my install of TomTom Home. Once I got the new laptop running, I thought I would simply download the software and install it rather than hunt for the CD. The problem was it took a good half hour to locate the download on the TomTom site. Continue reading

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