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Be VERY wary of the copyright trolls when using images.

Be extremely careful when using images on websites of blogs. You can get hit with insane demands for payments or sued for up to $155,000.

As I was resurrecting my blogs, the issue of the rights to images arose. There is no problem with images I took or images inherited from my parents. HOWEVER, using any other images must be done with extreme caution. Continue reading

A neat tool to check the browser/environment.

I stumbled into   . It is a tool that you can use to show the browser environment including OS, browser, resolution, viewport, JS, Java, Flash, cookies, ad blockers and some more.

This could really help especially when remotely debugging client issues with a website. It has a feature where your client can email the report to you. Continue reading

Rails – Changing the attributes of the flash notice

Some of the apps I do make a lot of use of the Rails flash notices. The default text attributes don’t make the notice stick out enough. I wanted to use a yellow background to highlight any notices. 

Using the Inspect tool in chrome, I found that the controlling CSS was in assets/scaffolds.scss. In my case it happened to be around line 39

Look for #notice.  The only attibute was color: green;. I changed that to add a yellow background color as follows Continue reading

Responsive pages with Artisteer / Ruby

I use Artisteer to generate the templates for my Joomla, WordPress and Rails sites. I put together a Ruby on Rails site and it was not responsive. I dusted off some memory cells and remembered that there was a line in the layouts/application.html.erb file that needed to be changed. A file comparison with the same file from an app that was responsive pointed me in the right direction. Continue reading

Rebuilding a ‘lost’ website using the wayback machine at

I occasionally come across a need to recreate a website that was ‘lost’ with no backup. There is a way to rebuild at least part of a site if the site is small enough.

You can see  a snapshot of a site from the past by going to The calendar will show the available archives of the site if there are any.  If you are lucky enough to find an archive of the site you can copy and paste the content.

This is not a perfect solution. For example, online stores such as Virtuemart will not have the items cataloged.

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