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Be VERY wary of the copyright trolls when using images.

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Be extremely careful when using images on websites or blogs. You can get hit with insane demands for payments or sued for up to $155,000.

As I was resurrecting my blogs, the issue of the rights to images arose. There is no problem with images I took or images inherited from my parents. HOWEVER, using any other images must be done with extreme caution.

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Responsive Headline and Slogan in WordPress with an Artisteer Template

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I was building a WordPress site where the headline and slogan were relatively long. At certain aspect ratios, the text overlapped the logo image in the header.

The solution was to add some custom CSS and to make use of the Artisteer responsive design.

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Use Caution if you allow visitors to post unmoderated pics to your sites.

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There are a lot of tools available that will allow webmasters to allow visitors to upload pictures and then make them immediately available to other visitors.

On one of the webmaster boards I frequent, someone raised the question of checking uploaded pics for inappropriate content. In other words, the uploaded pics were visible immediately.

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