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Setting up structured data for a website.

Google Webmaster Tools was showing that my site had no structured data.  My consulting site  is a Joomla 3.x site. I tried the J4 Schema extension but could not get that working properly according to any of the tests I ran, including the google structured data test.

I did a search for “Seo Consultant” and checked out the contact page for one of the SEO companies.  The HTML structured markup was easy to find.

I was able to use that as a model for my markup. Continue reading

Bing is focusing on the ‘mobile readiness’ of sites.

Bing is placing more emphasis on the mobile friendliness of websites.

I posted previously about the Google Algo changes in April 2015 regarding the mobile friendliness of your sites.   According to a November 2014 Post on the Bing Blog, Bing is highlighting mobile friendly sites when you search via Bing  from a mobile device. Continue reading

An amazing example of interactivity

Check out this amazing interactive shopping site.(link may not be safe for work depending on how prudish your boss and co-workers are) A model will try on different lingere. It is NOT a porn site. Just an amazingly creative example of interactivity.

It’s a site from the other side of the Pond from the same folks who brought us Benny Hill and Are you Being Served. Gotta love the brits.

Use Caution if you allow visitors to post unmoderated pics to your sites.

There are a lot of tools available that will allow webmasters to allow visitors to upload pictures and then make them immediately available to other visitors.

On one of the webmaster boards I frequent, someone raised the question of checking uploaded pics for inappropriate content. In other words, the uploaded pics were visible immediately. Continue reading

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