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Modifying your Blogger template with CSS.

NOTE – be sure to backup your blog and template before trying this. For most users, there should not be a problem but backups can’t hurt.

The problem with the template for this blog was that when you looked at posts by month or label, they all seemed to run together.  The default post heading was not standing out as you can see below. Actually, it was worse than the image in that followed links were grey, not black. Continue reading

Protecting your blog and website images with a watermark with a GIMP plugin

As I started to resurrect my blogs, I realized that I was posting images without a watermark. The sad fact is that people can and will steal the result of your effort and use it as their own for their own profit.

One simple technique is to watermark your images. This involves putting text or an image on your image. There are a couple of ways to do this. Continue reading

Problems after uploading photos from Google Photos to Blogger.

I’ve been resurrecting a couple of blogger blogs that I have. I had a lot of usable photos that were in Google Photos. I didn’t see any reason not to upload to blogger from my google photos.

However, when I started clicking the Facebook share button on my blog posts, I noticed that not all of the images were showing on Facebook. After a bit of research, there seemed to be a link between posting to blogger from Google Photos with an account that is linked to Google Plus. Continue reading

Fixing a broken blogger blog that was showing a bx- error in the front end and when accessing templates.

I had a blogger based blog on a site. The blog was set up as

For a number of reasons, I had shelved that domain for a while. I decided to bring it back online.

I had done the same basic process with this blog and it worked fine. I simply re-established the custom domain and everything worked. Continue reading

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