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Meltdown and Spectre are going after your private information.

There are two vulnerabilities that were recently brought to light. The essence of these attacks is that they can establish processes that can read the supposedly secure data from other processes.

Suppose you are logged in to your bank via the web. There is data there about account numbers, balances, passwords etc. Some of that will be encrypted. However, the exploit MIGHT be able to view the unencrypted data. After all, your balance and account numbers need to be displayed in a format you can read. Continue reading

Problems after uploading photos from Google Photos to Blogger.

I’ve been resurrecting a couple of blogger blogs that I have. I had a lot of usable photos that were in Google Photos. I didn’t see any reason not to upload to blogger from my google photos.

However, when I started clicking the Facebook share button on my blog posts, I noticed that not all of the images were showing on Facebook. After a bit of research, there seemed to be a link between posting to blogger from Google Photos with an account that is linked to Google Plus. Continue reading

Tag people in your Google Photos and find them in other photos.

I was going through my Google Photos pics and stumbled into something I hadn’t know about.

I was looking at a photo of my son and I. I had clicked on the photo and the sidebar info was showing. On the right side, Google Photos was showing a picture of my son and I. When I clicked on his photo, there was a spot to put a name in. Continue reading

Gmail appears to be down

Having issues with gmail. Checked  and it appears that there are issues. Some people have been down for 4 days.

One comment said that IMAP was working but not smtp. I’ll check that later to confirm,

Google Plus location sharing wasn’t working on an android.

My son and I share our locations via Google Plus. Everything was working fine until about two days ago. I noticed I could no longer see his location. He had accepted my request and sent me a request.

I tried going into apps and deleting the cache, then all data. I still couldn’t see him.

Finally, I uninstalled and reinstalled Google + and he showed up immediately.

A deadman’s switch for google. – Allow someone access if you no longer check into google.

Google can be a significant portion of someone’s life. If a person dies or becomes disabled, the information in their account might be lost forever. It is possible to set google so that it will allow access for selected individuals if you stop checking into your account.

You can access the settings here or search google for “Google Inactive Account Manager” Continue reading

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