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Gmail doesn’t play AVI files??

I have a need to review .AVI files in my inbox. My email is gmail.  If I am using outlook, everything is fine. However, if I use, I get “No Preview Available” and a choice of cloud based players along with download or download to Google Drive.

I just want to watch the steeeeenking video. I’m leery of third party viewers. I tried some of the third party viewers gmail suggested and they were worthless. Continue reading

CREEPY – Google Satellite view removing vehicles from roads and highways


This is like something out of “The Day After” or “The Walking Dead”.

I was mapping a route with Google Maps and switched to Satellite view. I noticed that there was a lack of cars on I-95 in South Philly. Given Philadelphia’s traffic, I thought that there should be SOME cars regardless of the time of day   I started following 95 looking for the traffic jam.. I noticed that ALL vehicles in the traffic lanes  on the roads had been removed. This included sidestreets, highways and major arteries. Continue reading

Google Mobile Readiness tool showing “fail” for a joomla site – Redid the Robots.txt file and it showed ‘success’ = Quirky Tool

I was doing a monthly checkup on a client’s Joomla 3.x site. The site had previously showed OK in Google’s Mobile Readiness tool.

The GMRT was saying that access to the /media and /templates folder was blocked even though there were no disallow lines for these folders. Continue reading

You might want to recheck your site’s mobile readiness with Google even iA reason for differences in Blogger, Google Analytics and Adsense page views f you passed previously.

I was doing a monthly review of a client’s site. As of the end of April 2015, Google is placing a heavy emphasis on the mobile friendliness of the your site.

I checked this site at the beginning of April. It is a Joomla 3.4.x site. I had to remove the media and templates folders from robots.txt.  After doing that, Google reported that the site was mobile friendly. Continue reading

Bing is focusing on the ‘mobile readiness’ of sites.

Bing is placing more emphasis on the mobile friendliness of websites.

I posted previously about the Google Algo changes in April 2015 regarding the mobile friendliness of your sites.   According to a November 2014 Post on the Bing Blog, Bing is highlighting mobile friendly sites when you search via Bing  from a mobile device. Continue reading

Privacy Danger from Android Flashlight and other apps

A friend sent a video about the dangers of  Flashlight apps for Android based devices.   Let me say that I am an App Junkie with dozens of apps on my phone and tablet.

The problem is that these apps are apparently being used to spy on your devices. Every app tells you what permissions it needs in order to be installed. However, most of us ignore that notice. Continue reading

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