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Back up your Google Drive documents!!!

A lot of us are becoming increasingly dependent on Google Drive.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Google Drive, it is Google’s cloud based document storage. It is a great way of sharing documents between people or having an easy way to access documents when you are on the road.

The problem is that getting locked out of your google account, accidentally deleting the file, data corruption or other disasters could result in the loss of valuable data. Continue reading

Fixing the “Leverage browser caching” and “Enable Compression” from Google Page Speed in Joomla

Many Joomla sites have speed issues. Google Page Speed tools can help identify potential areas for improvement. “Leverage Browser Caching”  and “Enable Compression” are often cited as potential areas for improvement.

You will get these messages even if you have Joomla’s cache and Gzip compression on. The Joomla Cache is a server cache, not a browser cache. Continue reading

Secure Google Search

Google has released a secure search in beta (test mode). This will, to some degree, hide your search terms and results from third parties on your network. This will help hide your searches from your boss at work, other visitors at a hotel or at school.

Keep in mind that this is in a test mode at this time. Also, once you click on one of the search results it is quite probable that the URL and page data would be visible. Another factor to consider is that google will store your search queries. Continue reading

Google is grabbing Wifi SSids and Mac addresses in Germany – Translation – Uh Uh privacy

This is probably an obvious development, but it is a bit disturbing. It appears that the Google vans doing the street view in Germany are also collecting wifi information including SSID and MAC Addresses. The SSID is the name you are giving your WIFI system. That is moderately disturbing. The MAC address is a lot more disturbing. The MAC address is a unique address given to a network interface (i.e. a cable or wifi interface). Continue reading

Instant Cafe Feeder and Google Base

We have a couple of Cafepress stores. One of the ways to drive traffic to the stores is to use Google Base. Google Base allows you to submit a feed of your items that will then show up in the Google Shopping search.

The problem is building the feed. One store has about 60 items and the other has about 20 or so. You could build the feed by hand but that would take a good bit of effort. There is an application that is currently donateware called the Instant Cafe Feeder. You can find it at It’s a nice little app that will generate a feed for you. It can be a little tricky to set up but once you figure it out, it’s great. There is also some limited support for it to be found in the cafepress forums. Continue reading

Google Street Views does bambi Roadkill

Google took a hit today for flagging just about every site on the internet as harmful.. OK, that we can live with..

However, this article from The Guardian provides details about a google street views van hitting a fawn. Apparently, the views in Street View show the fawn ahead of the van, and then show it sprawled out dead on the road… Oh well, I guess they had venison at the Googleplex that week. Continue reading

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