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Amazon drops affiliates in several states over tax laws.

A lot of people make money by placing advertising on their websites. Amazon is one of the programs publishers use. Several states decided that they are close to running out of other people’s money in order to fund their socialism. Therefore they are trying to collect taxes from people running amazon ads.

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Online income in today’s economy

I tend to over-analyze things and sometime look too much at the pessimistic side of things (resulting in a lot of rice after y2k along with a lifetime supply of other stuff). Of course, Y2K proved to be pretty much of  a non event.

Anyway, the unemployment numbers look really bleak. After a bit I started to think that might not have the impact I originally thought it did. I had not thought through the issue of unemployment benefits.

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Google’s new Privacy Policy Requirement for Adsense

There is a discussion going on at webmaster world about google’s new requirement that all sites using adsense need a privacy policy. Apparently the overpaid lawyers at the Googleplex decided that things weren’t complicated enough already. They came up with a requirement that everyone post a privacy policy. If you wanted to access your adsense account, you had to agree to Google’s new terms. A quick explaination can be found at

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