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Social Media management is a critical aspect of SEO. Proper management of your social media presence will drive traffic to your site and enhance your standings in search engine results.


A great cheat sheet on image sizes for social media headers and profile pics.

One of the keys to getting legitimate traffic to your site is to leverage social media. In other words, set up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. related to your site or to a niche within your site. If you want to do it correctly, your profiles on the various social media sites need to be relatively professional. There is a great cheat sheet posted on the Godaddy Blog that helps you figure out the correct image sizes.

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Veritas Expose – Twitter employees are looking at your private messages including those of your privates…

Updated 2019 – Did you ever consider that Twitter might be looking at your private messages?  James O’Keefe of Project Veritas caught twitter employees candidly discussing how they can and do read your MOST PRIVATE MESSAGES.  Hundreds of employees are paid to sift through your most intimate tweets and private messages.

Project Veritas exposed Twitter employees openly talking about how they can view the most personal of private tweets.

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Facebook Business Manager Power Editor – Enhanced Facebook Business Page information

You can get enhanced information about your Facebook business pages including how many people saw each post and how many ‘interacted’ with it (Liked or shared the post).  This information can be extremely helpful in determining exactly what type of posting and what content is most effective.

You can set up the “Power Editor” to add your pages and other pages where you are an administrator.

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You can schedule posts on your business Facebook page.

A lot of entrepreneurs work crazy hours. If you have a Facebook page for your business you might get a great idea for a post at 1 am. However, if you publish the post at that time.. well, a lot of normal people are either asleep or not tuned into business.

You can schedule the publishing time by clicking the down arrow next to the Post button and choosing ‘schedule’. That allows you to pick the time and date to release the post. Continue reading

New Jersey Kommisar of Nannyism Subpoenas Records of Social Site

Some people’s feeewings might have been hurt so the Attorney General of New Jersey has to come to the rescue.

A social networking site, was set up in Nevada. Ok, so the site is a place where people say not nice things about other people. Guess what folks, the real world is like that. People will get nasty. Just look at politics, Dina McGreevey starts saying nasty things about Eliott Spizter and then it comes out that Ms. McGreevey, the ex NJ Love Gov and their driver were having steamy three ways which might involve NJ taxpayer’s funds. Oh, and no sooner does the new New York Gov get in to replace the disgraced Spitzer that we find out he was cheating on his loving wife and seeing ho’s in a hotel (Guess that’s why it’s called that) again, possibly using taxmoney from his state’s citizens. Continue reading

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