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Information about the Joomla Platform from Version 1.5 through to the current version.

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Joomla and fabrik issues causing Akeeba Backup Pro to hang

I’m updating a Joomla site that hasn’t been updated for a while. The front and back ends were showing Php deprecation warnings because of an old version of Fabrik.  I updated Akeeba Backup Pro to the latest version after making a backup with the existing version.

When I tried to run the new version of Akeeba Backup it was hanging. I tried reconfiguring the min and max execution times but that didn’t work.

I decided to update Fabrik to the latest. After Fabrik was updated, Akeeba Backup ran normally.

A quick way to clear the redirect list in Joomla

I have a site that has been around for a while. The Joomla Redirect tool allows you to redirect calls to certain URLs to other urls. This can be handy when you change your structure or take other action that causes people to try to access incorrect URLs.

The problem was that over the years, the redirect table had gotten huge. Going through and deleting the old entries page by page would have taken a good bit of time. Continue reading

Deleting COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_ entries in the extension manager of a Joomla 3 site

I had some entries labeled COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_ in the extension manager of a Joomla 3.4.x site. The site has been around as long as Joomla 1.5.  I’m not sure how they ended up on the site but after some checking, it was apparent that they were not needed. The fact that they showed up at the beginning of the extension list was getting annoying.

Some of the posts available indicated that the entries might be a result of problems with a language pack. I overwrote the English-GB language from a download of the Joomla 3.4.3 download. I also played around with the language settings but that had no effect. Continue reading

Google Mobile Readiness tool showing “fail” for a joomla site – Redid the Robots.txt file and it showed ‘success’ = Quirky Tool

I was doing a monthly checkup on a client’s Joomla 3.x site. The site had previously showed OK in Google’s Mobile Readiness tool.

The GMRT was saying that access to the /media and /templates folder was blocked even though there were no disallow lines for these folders. Continue reading

Monthly maintenance for Joomla (and other) sites.

The days of building static websites are long gone. Today’s websites need a lot more care and constant attention.

I build websites using Joomla, however the principle is the same regardless of the platform: WordPress, Drupal etc.   Today’s platforms are applications that need to be updated for functionality but more importantly, for security.   Hackers are constantly trying to find security holes that would allow them to take over a site.  See my discussion on Pharma Hacks for details on the hacker mindset. Continue reading

Embedding a youtube video in Joomla without using a video extension and disabling related videos at the end.

I needed to include a Youtube video on a client’s site. The client didn’t want the ‘related videos’ to show when the video was complete.

I tried the SP Simple Youtube extension from Joomshaper. That worked well except I couldn’t see how to stop the related videos.

In an article I discussed how you could use a wrapper to embed a youtube video in a site. It appears that the same method will work for a regular Joomla site. The video appears to be responsive. Continue reading

How to embed a youtube video in a site is a website builder from the folks. They have partnered with siteground to provide a hosted Joomla solution. is a very limited platform. It lacks the ability to use extensions that regular Joomla sites have but it is a way to provide a low cost Joomla based site.

See Our web design page for a comparison of regular Joomla sites with sites. Continue reading

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