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Information about the Joomla Platform from Version 1.5 through 2018.

Joomla is a powerful web platform. You can run content management systems, online stores and just about anything else you can image.

However, Joomla has it’s limitations:

Small base

The number of Joomla based sites is a small percentage of the total. If you look at Google Trends for Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Ruby, you will see that Ruby and WordPress sites are far more popular that Joomla.  Keep in mind that Google trends shows what people are using as search terms but it is a good indicator of popularity and usage.


For a generic site such as a site for a small brick and mortar business, WordPress is a much better choice. It is much easier to find a WordPress developer than a Joomla developer.

For a data driven site, Ruby on Rails outstrips Joomla by far.


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Deleting COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_ entries in the extension manager of a Joomla 3 site

I had some entries labeled COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_ in the extension manager of a Joomla 3.4.x site. The site has been around as long as Joomla 1.5.  I’m not sure how they ended up on the site but after some checking, it was apparent that they were not needed. The fact that they showed up at the beginning of the extension list was getting annoying.

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