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Information about the Joomla Platform from Version 1.5 through to the current version.

Joomlatwork free set patch and FTP settings

We are working with a new site and uploaded the Joomlatwork free SEF patch for 1.5.17. Depsite a couple of tries, we were not seeing the SEO tab in the configuration manager.

It turned out that we had Filezilla set to ‘overwrite if newer’. Some of the 1.5.17 Joomla files were newer than the SEF patch files resulting in an incomplete upload of the patch. Continue reading

Joomlaatwork Free SEF patch problem solved

I was downloading the Joomlaatwork free SEF patch for Joomla 1.5.15 stable. The Windows extract was telling me that the archive was empty. Joomlaatwork’s admin on their support forum suggested using 7zip or Winrar.

I downloaded Winrar and it extracted something called patch_1515_stable. This was not the usual folder and file structure I saw with previous versions of the patch. I looked at the file size and it was only slightly smaller than the original zip that I downloaded. Continue reading

Joomla Fix – H2 tag in the Milkyway template cuts off ys and gs

I was using the Milky Way template and an H2 heading tag. When I looked at the page in IE7, I found that lower case descending characters were cut off. (y’s and g’s). I played around with the CSS with no luck. I did some searching and found that there is a pretty simple fix. Simply remove the width:100% from the H2 tag (Found that here) Continue reading

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