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WordPress Tips, Tricks and Solutions

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and website platforms. There are over 75 million WordPress sites. Our collection of WordPress Tips, Tricks and Solutions can help you prevent  and solve issues as well as increase the SEO and Performance of your site.

The popularity is a two edged sword. On one hand, an amazing number of plugins exist to enhance functionality and to manage your sites.

On the other hand, millions of hackers make a living trying to hack WordPress sites. A site that is not properly protected will be compromised within minutes of being published.

The constant revisions of the WordPress core, plugins and hosting tools present a challenge to maintaining a WordPress site.

This category contains WordPress tips, tricks, and solutions to problems that we have encountered along the way.

Discussions and articles about the WordPress platform including plugins, themes, SEO, performance, site security and more.

Check your Ninja Forms forms for browser autocomplete functionality

I was working on a landing page for this site. I noticed that the browser autocomplete functionality was not working for the Ninja Forms contact form. At first I thought it was a conflict with the landing page plugin. However, it appears to be an issue with settings in Ninja Forms. This can have a serious negative impact as far as visitor conversions.

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We have updated our WordPress offerings

Greetings from Southampton, PA 18966, we have updated our WordPress offerings. Please check out our WordPress Page under Consulting Services. We have updated our WordPress development offerings. We can help with anything ranging from installing a simple plugin to building a full fledged eCommerce site.

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A Simple way to see when Google indexes your images.

If you have an image centric site, you probably wonder “How long does it take for images to get indexed”?  It would be nice to keep tabs on how long it takes for your images to show up in the Google Image index. Here is a simple way to do that. UPDATED Aug 2019

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WordPress – Brute force attacks stopped with the wps-hide-login plugin

One of my WordPress sites came under a determined brute force password attack. The amount of traffic brought down the other sites on my shared hosting. I added the IP Geoblock and WPS Hide Logins.  I also tweaked the settings for Wordfence. The number of brute force attacks dropped dramatically.

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Preventing images from overflowing a column in WordPress with an Artisteer theme and possibly other themes.

I use Artisteer to create themes for my WordPress sites. As I was testing the sites, I noticed a major issue.

  • The monitor I use for development is 1920 x 1080.
  • I revised the WordPress large image to 800 x 800 in the WordPress Media Settings.
  • The layout is three columns, a wide column for content and two thinner columns for navigation and ads.

I noticed that when I resized the browser to a more square aspect ratio, the image would start to overlap the two right columns. As I researched there were a lot of solutions posted about modifying functions.php and using plugins. The issue was that none of the instruction were really clear as to where to put the code in functions.php much less which functions. php to use.

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WP Super Cache for WordPress was not working on a shared host.

I am ramping up four sites on a shared host.  It is inexpensive hosting so running four active sites plus another minor site is taxing the resources of the hosting. I tried using WP Super Cache but could not get the preload feature to work. I did get it working by doing the following.

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Things to do to stop a brute force attack on a WordPress Blog

I woke up this morning to see that some of my sites were a bit slow to respond.  Shortly after, I was getting a resource limit message from my host when trying to get to the front or back ends of any of the WordPress sites.  I checked cPanel and my resources were maxed out.

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Dealing with comment spam in WordPress.

Once a new blog becomes visible, you will start to get comments. Comments are good, unless they are comment spam. If you don’t get a handle on it immediately, you will  rapidly lose search engine ratings and/or be infested with  useless or damaging  comments. 

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