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Adding the ability to make links “Nofollow” in WordPress

An important aspect of SEO is to carefully manage your ‘link juice’. That is the amount of ‘goodness’ or page rank that flows between sites based on links.

The general consensus is that you want to be extremely careful with linking to other sites. Otherwise the ‘goodness’ of your site will leak to the other sites. You definitely WANT to add the nofollow attribute to any paid links or if you have any suspicion about the reputation of the site you are linking to. Continue reading

Compromised WordPress sites are being targeted in a Cryptocurrency mining scheme

I run Wordfence on all of my WordPress installations. There are free and pro versions. A recent Wordfence email highlighted an attack on WordPress sites. The hacked sites are used to do two things: (1) Attack other sites and (2) Mine Cryptocurrency.  Continue reading

Securing your WordPress site

Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

My phone started getting a rash of incoming email from 2 WordPress sites I had recently launched. The emails were from WordFence, a WordPress security program. WordFence was identifying brute force attacks from Russia, Poland, China and other countries. As it identified the attacks, it locked the IP of the attacker and notified me. Continue reading

setting up WordPress on an IP until you transfer the domain

I needed to set up WordPress for a client. The problem was that we needed to fully develop the wordpress site prior to migration from the old site and host. With Joomla, developing in parallel is no problem. However, WordPress ties the domain into the installation.

The answer is to modify the hosts file so that the IP for the new site is pointed to your domain. Continue reading

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