Hardware, Software and Networking Services for Homes and Businesses

I have been providing computing support for homes and businesses since 1988.

Some of the services I offer are:


  • Advice on new systems including desktops, printers/scanners and storage
  • Printers and scanners: Installation and configuration
  • Battery Backups: (did you know that the batteries in most UPS’s need to be replaced every three years?)
  • Migrating from old to new machines
  • Parts replacement: Hard drives, memory chips, power supplies.

Software Operating Systems

  • Windows: all versions
  • Ubuntu and other Linux OS’s.
  • Using Virtualbox to run Ubuntu and other operating systems under Windows

Network Operating Systems

  • Windows Server
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Global Policies
  • Active Directory


  • Wire homes, home offices and small businesses
  • Wireless networking including signal boosters
  • Network storage devices and cloud storage
  • Physical wiring and Installation of drops
  • Adding equipment without additional drops by means of local workgroup switches
  • Configuring your existing and new equipment to work properly and effectively on your network.
  • Troubleshooting wiring issues
  • Example


  • Office: Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Open Office Solutions: Office work a likes that are open source (free). LibreOffice and OpenOffice.
  • Real Estate: WinTotal, Apex
  • Image Manipulation: Photoshop, Gimp

Backups and Security

  • Carbonite: Back up your critical data on the cloud
  • Cobian Backup
  • Anti Malware software
  • Malware removal


  • Syncing email, contacts and calendars between desktop and mobile devices.
  • Android phone issues.

Remote office

  • VPN and RDP access to home computers.


  • Connection of smart home devices such as cameras, thermostats and more.


Service area

  • On site networking and computer consulting services are limited to 5 miles from 18966. Contact me for details.



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