Migrating sites from HTTP to HTTPs

Beginning in July 2018, user browsing with Chrome will receive a warning that they are visiting an unsecure site if the site is not running https.

If your site is not running HTTPs, the cost to migrate depends on

  • The nature of your site. Are you doing eCommerce or is it a blog that asks for nothing more than contact information?
  • The platform you are using. Is the site stable? Is it built on WordPress, Joomla or another platform?
  • What options are offered by your hosting company? Do they allow you to purchase certificates on the market or do you have to purchase their certificate?
  • Who will do the testing after the site is migrated to HTTPs?  Incorporating http content from other sources could cause warning messages or errors.  If it is an eCommerce site, every aspect of the transaction process needs to be tested.
  • Do you use subdomains?
  • How quickly do you need the site migrated?


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