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Check your Ninja Forms forms for browser autocomplete functionality

I was working on a landing page for this site. I noticed that the browser autocomplete functionality was not working for the Ninja Forms contact form. At first I thought it was a conflict with the landing page plugin. However, it appears to be an issue with settings in Ninja Forms. This can have a serious negative impact as far as visitor conversions.

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Craigslist password protected email danger – How to avoid the malware

I received an email that appeared to be a response to a craigslist posting I made. The email said to open the Word document with the supplied password for the contact information. As soon as I saw that I pictured the goofy robot with it’s arms flailing saying “Danger Will Robinson. DANGER, DANGER”, or the weird fish guy saying “It’s a trap!!”. Here is how to identify these traps. Continue reading

We have updated our WordPress offerings

Greetings from Southampton, PA 18966, we have updated our WordPress offerings. Please check out our WordPress Page under Consulting Services. We have updated our WordPress development offerings. We can help with anything ranging from installing a simple plugin to building a full fledged eCommerce site.

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