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Need to send a lot of large files?

You can run into a problem when sending large files via email. The problem is that many accounts are still limited to about 20MB for their inboxes. Suppose you have 3 files you want to send to one person who has a 20MB cap on their inbox. Each file is 8MB. You can email the first 2 ok, however the third will probably bounce because it would exceed the mailbox limit. Continue reading

Be careful whose wireless you access

Depending on where you live, how busy the local cops and prosecuter are, and your overall luck, freeloading on an open wifi connection could cost you dearly.

A guy in Michigan was spotted using a local cafe’s wireless. From the description, it doesn’t sound like he was a bad guy – volunteer firefighter, secretary for a bagpipe band.. It also sounds like the cafe owner wasn’t all that worried about the access. Continue reading

Google is now showing 360 degree street level views.

Google is now showing 360 degree street level views. It’s great from the perspective of showing people exactly how a particular location looks. However, the problem is that it is showing individual recognizable people. I’m not sure how Google is able to do this. I’m not an attorney so I don’t know the exact laws. However, most things I read indicate that you need to have a model release any time you publish a photograph of a recognizable person or persons. Continue reading

Well, Google is finally cracking down on MFAs and the federales are busting spammers.. Life is starting to look rosier

What I don’t get in the article is that he sent tens of millions of spams and the prosecutors are trying to seize 770k. For some reason, that doesn’t seem like a lot of profit considering how much spam he is accused of sending. Continue reading

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