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Responsive pages with Artisteer / Ruby

I use Artisteer to generate the templates for my Joomla, WordPress and Rails sites. I put together a Ruby on Rails site and it was not responsive. I dusted off some memory cells and remembered that there was a line in the layouts/application.html.erb file that needed to be changed. A file comparison with the same file from an app that was responsive pointed me in the right direction. Continue reading

Artisteer templates with Ruby on Rails – Header and graphics not showing – solution

I was creating a Ruby on Rails site and used Artisteer 4.3 to generate the template.

Even though I included the precompile directives in assets.rb, I was still not seeing the images for the header and some other images. I tried a rake assets:clobber / rake assets:precompile but that didn’t help.

The problem was that the references in style.css to images were in the form of Continue reading

Centering Tables in Joomla with an Artisteer Template

Yes, I know.. Tables are deprecated.. However, they can be useful in certain cases.

I’ve always had trouble getting a table that was less than full width to center. Setting the alignment to “Center” in the table properties box (JCE)  never seemed to work.. Well, that is because artisteer works with CSS. Continue reading

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