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Brute Force

WordPress – Brute force attacks stopped with the wps-hide-login plugin

One of my WordPress sites came under a determined brute force password attack. The amount of traffic brought down the other sites on my shared hosting. I added the IP Geoblock and WPS Hide Logins.  I also tweaked the settings for Wordfence. The number of brute force attacks dropped dramatically.

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Things to do to stop a brute force attack on a WordPress Blog

I woke up this morning to see that some of my sites were a bit slow to respond.  Shortly after, I was getting a resource limit message from my host when trying to get to the front or back ends of any of the WordPress sites.  I checked cPanel and my resources were maxed out.

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A basic set of WordPress Plugins, mostly free.

A standard installation of WordPress works, but it lacks many features that are needed for even a basic site. For any feature that you wish to add, there are usually one or more plugins that will accomplish the task. Plugins are a matter of your needs and personal taste.

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Pharma hacks explained – How to fix

There has been an increase in the number of Pharma Hacks on Joomla sites.

Many of the hosting companies are scanning their user’s sites and sending notices if the Joomla install is not up to the latest version. They are threatening to take the sites down if the updates aren’t done.

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