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Disaster Prevention

Compromised WordPress sites are being targeted in a Cryptocurrency mining scheme

I run Wordfence on all of my WordPress installations. There are free and pro versions. A recent Wordfence email highlighted an attack on WordPress sites. The hacked sites are used to do two things: (1) Attack other sites and (2) Mine Cryptocurrency.  Continue reading

Securing your WordPress site

Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

My phone started getting a rash of incoming email from 2 WordPress sites I had recently launched. The emails were from WordFence, a WordPress security program. WordFence was identifying brute force attacks from Russia, Poland, China and other countries. As it identified the attacks, it locked the IP of the attacker and notified me. Continue reading

Monthly maintenance for Joomla (and other) sites.

The days of building static websites are long gone. Today’s websites need a lot more care and constant attention.

I build websites using Joomla, however the principle is the same regardless of the platform: WordPress, Drupal etc.   Today’s platforms are applications that need to be updated for functionality but more importantly, for security.   Hackers are constantly trying to find security holes that would allow them to take over a site.  See my discussion on Pharma Hacks for details on the hacker mindset. Continue reading

Back up your Google Drive documents!!!

A lot of us are becoming increasingly dependent on Google Drive.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Google Drive, it is Google’s cloud based document storage. It is a great way of sharing documents between people or having an easy way to access documents when you are on the road.

The problem is that getting locked out of your google account, accidentally deleting the file, data corruption or other disasters could result in the loss of valuable data. Continue reading

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