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GoDaddy hacked. Sites offline

Hackers took down today. It apparently was a Ddos (Distributed denial of service) attack. The hacker uses machines they control, ie. machines that are infected with trojans, to send a flood of requests to the target. This overwhelms the servers and crashes the site.

In this case, the target was Godaddy is the domain registrar for millions of sites. They also host a significant number of sites. It’s not clear yet to me if the hacker took down the hosting and registrar portion or just the hosting. From my daily logs, it appears that if you have a site registered through Godaddy, you might have experienced some down time for your site and emails today. Continue reading

GOdaddy hosting and coreftp

I was working on a clients site where I was using Coreftp to update their Godaddy hosted site. I was getting timed out every 2 minutes or so.

I thought I checked the timeout. What i didnt realize is it was grey check box. I clicked the box until I got a non grey checkbox with a check in it. Success!!. Now i was getting a reasonable timeout period of more than 10 minutes or so. Continue reading

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