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“Access is denied” trying to re install an HP1102w on Windows 7 – SOLVED

After a thunderstorm last night, I found that I could not print to my HP 1102W Laserjet Professional.

I tried deleting the printer from the control panel. When I tried to reinstall it, the procedure failed with “Not enough memory” if I tried to reinstall the driver and “Access is denied” if I tried to keep the existing driver. Continue reading

HP laserjet pro 1102w runaway printing.

I just purchased an HP laserjet pro 1102w wireless laser printer.  The pros are that it comes with a 700 page starter cartridge, it’s wireless and it has an ‘easy’ network install.

HOWEVER… listen up you HP folks… Tell your moron ‘programmers’ that WHEN I ASK TO PRINT ONE PAGE, I  WANT ONE FREAKING PAGE.. NOT A FREAKING ENDLESS PRINT JOB..

I set the printer up for wireless printing and did the ‘smart install’. That seems like a really good idea. You simply browse to the printer with your web browser and select the ‘smart install’ tab (ie type the ip address of the printer into your browser address bar). The printer then installs the proper software on your computer. Continue reading

HP Pavillion’s webcam software – What happened to the common GUI?

Geeez, I’ve been messing around with the webcam software that comes with the HP Pavillion dx6000 laptop. I suspect that HP is outsourcing the coding…….. to the local zoo.

The whole idea of a common Graphical User Interface was that you would flatten the learning curve so that when you picked up a new app, all of the main menu items would be relatively in the same place. Continue reading

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